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The knives are out for the eVTOL industry as the industry gathers momentum

Chris Stonor

It is of no surprise the knives are being sharpened as the drone and eVTOL industry gathers apace. During the next 30 months leading up to the Paris Olympics this market has so much to prove amidst all the present hype and fanfare and why the cynics, pessimists and general doom-gloom mongers will increasingly fill their blogs and YouTube channels with critiques telling everyone who wishes to listen that flying taxis will never take-off and the whole thing is some fantastical con dreamt up by marketeers seeking their next monetary wet dream.

Joby eVTOL 

One such person is the rather weary-sounding and mono-toned voice of Paul Bertorelli who has his moment in the sun (watch video below). I quickly add, it is important that both sides of a story are offered to give balance. Putting your head in the sand and believing eVTOLs will be the biggest thing since sliced bread without listening to the opposing argument is foolish and more a religious fervour.

The YouTube blurb states, “Electric airplanes are coming at us a mile a minute with claims that seem to defy the laws of physics and maybe even Ohm’s Law. In this AVweb video, Paul Bertorelli takes a critical look at what most people in the industry consider to be a leading contender to own the urban air mobility market: the Joby S4.”

It goes on, “It’s a markable design and appears surprisingly mature. But can it make it through FAA certification on Joby’s claimed schedule? And will the imagined volume in the thousands ever materialise?”

While, I may disagree with a majority of Bertorelli’s critique, listening to both sides remains important to gain a balance.

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