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A Roadmap for Local Authority-Managed Drone and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Eco-systems

CIVATAglobal has developed a framework for local authorities around the world which can be used as a starting point for developing drone and urban air mobility (UAM) eco-systems.

“Every city, every community is different, ”said Andrew Charlton, Director General of the association,” so every urban drone/UAM eco-system will be driven by different priorities and concerns. But what we have tried to do, working with members and knowledge partners, is to develop a set of key milestones that local authorities will need to address as they move from considering how the first drone flights should be managed to introducing a complex eco system with hundreds of autonomous vehicles flying through the urban sky.”

The new white paper “A roadmap for local authority-managed drone and urban air mobility (UAM) eco-systems” provides local authorities with a suggested high-level tool-set for industry development, building around the expressed priorities of local communities and the engagement of key stakeholders such as national aviation safety regulators and drone operators.

“CIVATAglobal has identified more than 400 urban drone/UAM programmes around the world and as we collect feedback from our members – local authorities, regulators and industry – from these programmes we will adapt the document to ensure we capture the latest best-practices,” said Andrew Charlton.

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